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Free Online JPG to PPT Converter

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

The easiest and fastest online tool to convert JPG images as PPT presentations. Free to use, no registration, no download, no signup needed.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than whipping up tutorials for Smallpdf users on a rainy afternoon. This blog article is a follow up on our just-published piece on JPG to PPT, and essentially will explicate how to do just the inverse - convert JPG to PPT.

How to convert JPG to PPT for free online:

  1. Go to the Smallpdf Converter.

  2. Upload your JPG image into the toolbox.

  3. Download the first converted file (in PDF), click ‘Start Over’.

  4. Pop the file in the toolbox again.

  5. It will now convert to PPT. Download your file.

jpg to ppt

JPG to PPT Converter working its magic.

Whoa, what just happened?


In short, Smallpdf can convert pretty much any file to and from PDF. You’ve just combined our JPG to PDF and PDF to PPT features to convert JPG to PPT. Cool, right?

Other places to save files


Smallpdf is a cloud platform and our PPT, JPG, and PDF converter can be accessed via any internet browser, from any PC, or mobile device. If you are on your phone, saving files to your device may not be the most convenient way to go. In such cases, you can also export presentation files from JPG to one of the two cloud storage platforms that we are integrated with: Dropbox or Google Drive.

Our file size limit goes up to 5GB, to ensure that we can handle almost any file. Either it’s a Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel file, or an image file such as JPG, PNG or even GIF.



Created to make PDF easy, we aim to streamline and simplify your document management process as much as possible. Drag-and-drop your JPG files, PDF files, or PPT files into any of our online tools to get started.

The JPG to PPT converter does not cost you anything, preserve JPG to PowerPoint format while maintaining the highest quality of both image and text content.

What else is there to do?


One downside of moving away from JPG format is the potential increase in file size. If somehow your converted PPT is too large to save, while it is in PDF format, you can also try to compress the file to keep its sizes down.

If you are converting slides in a foreign language, do check out the fastest way to translate the content of documents into another language - via the PDF translator page on our blog. :)

Ultimately, the best way to test a product out and to directly use it. Head over to the Smallpdf homepage to check all 18 tools out in its glory - and test them out to your fitting.

Offline file transfer


As much as we adore online processing, it’s not always feasible if you are one that’s on the go. As such, the Smallpdf Team has developed an offline, desktop application, with its own version of the JPG to PPT converter. Same process, sans uploading and some minor tweaks, all for your convenience! :)

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf