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How to Download a PowerPoint as a PDF

by Hung Nguyen

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Easy to use online converter to save and download PPT presentations in PDF format. No registration, no watermark, no installation.

Have you downloaded a PowerPoint and wish to have it in PDF format? You can effortlessly upload it back to our PPT to PDF converter, transform the document, and get it back as a PDF in a split second. The tool is free to use without the need to create and pay for an account. Follow the guide below to get you started, and it won’t take more than a couple of clicks.

How to download a PowerPoint as a PDF file for free

  1. Open our online PowerPoint to PDF converter.

  2. Drag the PPT file into the orange box.

  3. Wait for the conversion to take place.

  4. Download your new PDF document.


How to download a PowerPoint as a PDF for free

As we save the presentation as a PDF file, the original content, orientation, colors, and other document properties will all retained. To streamline the download process, you don’t even have to choose a location to save the file - it will go straight to your default download folder. Links to external sites will also be saved within the slides.

Of course, there are other options to do so, such as opening the ‘Save As’ dialog box within Microsoft PowerPoint and convert the PowerPoint to PDF manually, from there. However, not everyone may have access to a Microsoft Office license, which offers dozens of available publishing options, to the many file formats.

Other free options


Once you have downloaded a PowerPoint as a PDF, you can also convert your presentations to a few other formats on Smallpdf, namely Word, JPG, and Excel sheets. The PDF printer can offer just this, with many other specific tools all listed via our homepage for you to access, i.e., PDF to JPG. If you hadn’t noticed, once you create a PDF, there are also options to annotate, compress, split, or even add an electronic signature to your document. As versatile as PowerPoint presentations can be, PDF files are not dead-ends when it comes to editing.

Additionally, if you wish to convert PPT to PDF offline outside of the Smallpdf website, this option is also feasible. A desktop application has been created for you to easily view and access our tools, all in one small package. Although the desktop application requires a subscription to use, a free trial can be created at any time, for you to test the app out in its full capacity.

Save files to other platforms


As we get used to online collaboration, we also aim to appease your every need. Integrations have been made within Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive, where you can directly import files to these platforms, once a file has been converted to PDF. There is an icon on each toolbox for Dropbox and G.Drive, and the Smallpdf Chrome Extension from the Chrome store should enable conversion straight from your mailbox itself.

And lastly, deeper integrations have also been created where PDF files could be exported to our site, from theirs. To enable this, go to Dropbox, right-click on any PDF file, and you should see our logo listed - all to help make PDF processing easier by the day for you.


Enjoy using our platform to download those PPTs as PDFs

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf