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How to Delete a Page in Word

by Hung Nguyen

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Two methods on how to quickly remove pages from a Word document.

Unlike other Microsoft-related offsprings such as PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, you cannot delete a page in a Word file quickly, with just one click. The process to delete a page is rather tedious - you have to locate the page, highlight the whole thing, and press the ‘Delete button’ to remove the designated page.

In this article, we will illustrate the manual method, as well as the quick way that you can use to delete a page in a Word document.

How to delete a page in a Word file manually

  1. Open the Word document and go to the page you want to delete.

  2. Press Ctrl + G for Windows, or Option + Command + G on a Mac.

  3. In the dialog box, type in \page, press ‘Enter’ - which will highlight the whole page.

  4. Press’ Close’, and then ‘Delete’ to delete the whole page.

You may continue to do this for as many pages as you’d like. As you’ve guessed, this method manually highlights the whole page within your Word file, including all the text, images, and assets on the page. Afterward, you can hit ‘Delete’ or the backspace key to get the page removed. In cases where you want to create a manual page break or to select the paragraph you want to delete within a structured page, this can get even more tiresome.

This first method is a quick way to delete an extra page in Word. Yet, if you are looking for a solution on how to delete blank pages in Word that does not require opening the document in Microsoft Word, or simply a much faster way to remove pages - there is a second option. You can convert the file to PDF format, which will enable you to access our online ‘Delete PDF Pages’ tool, and remove pages with ease.

How to delete a page in Word, the quick way

  1. Save the Word file to PDF, with our Word to PDF tool.

  2. Download the file, click ‘Delete Pages’ from the footer on our site.

  3. Drag the converted file in, hover over the page(s) to delete.

  4. Click the trash bin icon and click ‘Apply Changes’.

  5. Download as PDF, or convert it back to Word, if needed.


How to delete a page in Word, using Smallpdf

Once you have the Word file in PDF format, you can quickly delete pages with just a simple click. If the thumbnails cannot render the content clearly, there is the option to zoom into each page for your convenience. All three tools: the converters to and from PDF and Word, as well as the one to delete pages from your file, are free for occasional uses. Because no registration is needed, you may access them through the links above to get started right away.

What is Smallpdf? Is it free? Are my files secure?


We are the first PDF software you will actually like, and the most prominent one online too. With over 25 million users every month, we aid people from all over with common problems relating to digital documents, such as compressing PDFs, converting files, and annotating large documents.

By combining the capabilities of several tools, as listed above, we can also help you to delete a page from Word files, in a much more agile manner. This use case is not only applicable for Word, but also PPT, Excel, and image files. As long as you can convert and save them in PDF format, you can remove individual pages with ease.

Security is one of the essential topics for our platform as a cloud-based business. We use SSL encryption to ensure safe transfers for all file uploads and downloads. After each step in the page removal process, we will also keep the file online for one hour - for downloading. The only time we keep them longer is when the user needs to, i.e., when you create a sharable link to grant access to others, to the converted file. You can read up on our Privacy and Terms for more information!

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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
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