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File Splitter - Split PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, and PPT

by Hung Nguyen

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Use Smallpdf to divide one file into multiple smaller files, or extract specific pages to a brand new file.

There are many ways to split a file. You a split one big file into many smaller, one-page files. You can split them into multiple files, in various page ranges. Or you can also pick the pages from one file to extract into a brand new file. The only question is where and how?

Luckily for you, Smallpdf has the answer to this predicament. Our File Splitter can divide your files quickly, in many different formats.

PDF File Splitter


One of the most popular file types to split is PDF, as they are usually used to share, store and managed. As such, it's also one of the easiest to cut out as well. Access our PDF File Splitter to get started!

  • Upload your file.

  • Choose whether you wish to 'extract every page into a PDF' or 'select pages to extract'.

  • Let our file splitter work its magic and download your file.

batch split

Split your files away!

What about Word, PPT, JPG, and Excel?


Need an image splitter? Afraid not, we've got you covered. You can take advantage of the fact that we can convert these files to and from PDF, as well as our 'connected workflows' feature to split them.

  • Access our homepage and pick the appropriate tool to convert your file to PDF.

  • Click 'to Split' on the connect tools bar to start the extraction process.

  • Follow the previous instructions to split your file.

  • Afterward, you can just convert the file back to whatever format you converted it from.

Splitting One File Into Multiple Files


The only function that's missing from our online file splitter is the ability to split a file into multiple parts, in an order that you desire. To do so, access our Smallpdf Desktop app.

  • Open a PDF and click Split. If the file is not PDF, convert it using our Office to PDF converter.

  • On the file splitter window, hover the dotted lines between pages and click the scissor icon to choose where you wish to split the file. Click 'Split' on the top-right corner to proceed.

  • No download is required, as Smallpdf Desktop process your files offline. Instead, our file splitter will prompt you with a pop-up to pick where to save your files.

desktop split

Split one file into multiple smaller files

Reverting Changes


In case you accidentally delete your files, or have received multiple files that you wish to combine or modify, we have a suite of 18 useful PDF tools to help you out, including:

  • Merge - combine pages back into a bigger file

  • Compress - reduce file(s) size for storage or email

  • Delete Pages - get rid of pages from your file

  • eSign - electronic signature made easy

  • Reader - aside from the file splitter, you can also just our desktop app to view and analyze your PDF files

Hope we could be of help. Happy splitting! :)

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf